Anis Crofts

Art Fields Lake City, SC

APRIL 6, 2014

ArtFields is a Art Competition being held in the historic community of Lake City, SC. This 10-day event features live music, dancing, southern foods, and cash prizes totaling $100,000 that will be awarded to winning artists, including the $50,000 Top Prize, the $25,000 Juried Panel prize, the $12,500 People’s Choice 2-D, and the $12,500 People’s Choice 3-D.

I am honored to be part of such a collection of dedicated southeastern artists.  My painting "Wisdom" will be on display at Art Fields at Seven Boutique at 130 East Main Street

There is a people's choice award for $12,500. Come Vote for me!!

Voter ID: 905099

I will also be participating in a Portrait Contest held on Saturday May 3 from 10am-3pm at the Bean Market in downtown Lake City.

Twenty-four artists were selected to create portraits of local farmers who will serve as models for the event.  The contest consists of three rounds where the artists will have an hour to create the portrait.  There will be an elimination process, eventually finishing with the contest winner. 

There are so many great events going on during the week in Lake City, too many to list.  A full schedule can be found by clicking here.  One I am excited to participate in is a Plein Aire Iconic Building / Urban Landscape Painting Workshope with a brilliant painter and friend William McCullough.